Echoes of Home

Exhibition Logo, Catalogue and Signage for Museum of Brisbane


TheĀ Echoes of Home exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane featured artists from Asia who now call Australia home. Their work is not only informed by their heritage but also influenced by the environment and their experiences in this country. Furthermore, the incorporation of craft techniques was an important aspect of this exhibition. As an immigrant myself I was interested in the balance between heritage and new influence, reflected in the logo by taking subtle cues from the yin & yang symbol. As all of the pieces exhibited a strong textural component I manipulated a photo of one of the pieces to create a pattern to be embossed onto the front and back cover, to communicate the idea of texture and craft.

The catalogue won the Bronze Medal in the Student Design Category of the 2005 Bad Awards; an Award of Commendation (Vis Comm Design – Emerging Student Designer) at the 2006 Queensland Design Awards, and was Highly Commended at the 2006 Museums Australia Multimedia and Publication Design Awards.