Retail Catalogues

for Hannahs & Pulp

Art Direction

Of the 50+ retail catalogues I have designed in the last six years, these are my favourite.

The brief was for every catalogue to look different, but to still be identifiable as a Hannahs (or Pulp) catalogue and fit in with the overarching design theme for the season. The general parameters were the same each time – a combination of differently shaped products; offers; copy for each product; special price points; headings or blurbs about the look of the moment; seasonal images; logos and T&Cs – but the challenge was to look at each catalogue brief with fresh eyes whilst building on knowledge I gained on previous catalogues.

I chose a slow evolution whereby each consecutive catalogue would utilise common design elements (such as paragraph styles, typeface, masthead) but changed a major design component (e.g. single shoes vs group shots, design of the offer, placement of the type, use of images etc.)

The end result was a recognisable style for the catalogues whilst keeping the  individual design fresh.