Show Me the Way to Go Home


Art Direction

As an elder of the Putch clan and a cultural leader of the Wik and Kugu people of Aurukun, Mavis Ngallametta’s work focuses on country. It was important for me to communicate her signature technique of blue primer, painted over with the natural colours she created herself by collecting and preparing pigment from the lands she depicted. The strong, bright blue PMS hue is a thread throughout the publication, including as gilding. To show the beauty and rawness of the pigments, I commissioned extreme close-up photography to use on the divider pages that denoted the themes for the exhibition. The majority of her painting are very large and difficult to capture in a coffee table book, so for the plates section we included a close-up of each painting, as well as a full photo. Mavis was an enthusiastic singer, and larger-than-life character, so the brand I created for the exhibition is bold, and includes the characteristics of musical notes.
Work completed at QAGOMA.