May 21, 2014

Learning from the best

Amanda Talbot Creative Styling Workshop

I think one of the most important things in life is to never stop learning, so one of my goals this year was to learn some new skills and get better at existing ones. After taking photography lessons in 2011, taking organised classes was something that fell by the wayside with wedding planning and just general life in 2012 and 2013. For this year I was resolute to not only make full use of my subscription, but to also seek out other professionals in my varied fields of interest and learn from them. Luckily for me AGDA had managed to entice stylist extraordinaire Amanda Talbot into running a creative styling workshop a couple of weekends ago.

Amanda spoke about the trajectory of her career, took us through some styling principles and gave us some great tips and tricks before she set us loose to style our own vignettes. After starting timidly on that frigid Saturday morning as the sun warmed up the space we warmed up our creative muscles. After hustling and bustling around for a couple of hours Amanda reviewed our images and gave each of us some great feedback. What a lovely day to spend a Saturday!

Some of my images below

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